Ringing Ears and Loud Music

We all like to attend parties and take vacations to big events. One thing we don’t take into consideration is how sensitive our ears are. It’s a very good possibility that you can suffer from tinnitus. If you start to hear loud banging noises in your ear then that could mean you have tinnitus. Your nerves may become bad and make you so angry that you want to throw things because of the irritation. It’s not like you can run away from the noise, it’s still there. You may experience some whining, roaring, ticking, and chirping. The appropriate actions need to be taken if you find out you have tinnitus because this can cause illness for any individual. Loud music can cause this to happen so be very careful not to sit by the piano player, or drum player at an event, concert, etc.

Constant loud noise or loud music can cause the cells to become over stimulated which can weaken hair cells that can cause permanent hearing loss. There are a lot of younger individuals who are suffering from hearing loss rather than elderly individuals. Take an MP3 player for example, if you have the volume an extremely high level, this could cause damage to the hair cells. You can even experience total hearing loss in as fast as 15 minutes. You shouldn’t able to listen to the music on full blast in order to enjoy the music you’re listening to. You should never turn your music up one hundred percent. You should try and keep it at a level of sixty percent which is normalizing the level or balancing the volume level. It would not such a good idea to listen to the music for more than an hour if you are listening to music on an MP3 player.

Listening to loud music can cause tinnitusIf you have tinnitus, then it is because you exposed your ear to a constant vibration level and loud noises. The more your ears are exposed to this loud music or noise, the more damage you are doing to your ears and your hearing. No one else can hear what you are hearing, it is impossible. Tinnitus is not any way a disease and will not cause serious illness, but you can loose your hearing permanently. The reason you hear the noises is because the brain is creating sounds from what the ears previously heard, kind of like an echo but steadily over and over. Hearing loss is really the main root cause of having tinnitus. There are many causes and medical conditions related to having tinnitus. You can encounter an ear infection which will just make the situation worst for you because you are already feeling overwhelmed.

You may also have impacted ear wax, which will cause the ear wax to block the ears canal. This can cause a problem all by itself as well. You may experience pain in the ear as well as the ringing in the ear. A tumor is a common cause of tinnitus as well as ototoxic drugs. Some have encountered neck and head injuries which can also cause tinnitus. This is when you get into an accident and it disrupts the body’s system f balance within the inner ear. Doctors have discovered that even a mild bang to the head can abnormally cause tinnitus. Tinnitus can come from a series of gun shots if you are so close when this happens so be very careful and aware of these causes of tinnitus. A medical condition known to problems in the auditory canal is a tinnitus symptom. You will need to get a check up so the doctor can determine and identify the cause of tinnitus.

There is a popular tinnitus commonly known as presbycusis, which is a hearing loss that is similar to aging. An individual who are still suffering from tinnitus when they reach a certain age over fifty, still holds this problem because they are still listening to loud noises or loud music. There have been problems as far as your blood circulation and this too, can be a caused by tinnitus if you are not careful. Anxiety and stress levels are also pointed out when the talk about tinnitus causes are discussed. The person who suffers from tinnitus will very well become aggravated which can raise your stress level.

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