Tinnitus and What Environmental Factors Affect It

Tinnitus is described as a ringing or roaring sound in the ears when there is no sound outside the ear. It can be caused by health problems such as high blood pressure, thyroid, or ear infection. It could be caused by mandibular misalignment, in which case an orthodontist needs to be consulted. It can also be caused by noise, like jackhammers, road paving equipment or the backup beep on some trucks. Diagnostics performed to ascertain health problems can yield treatments for the underlying cause as well as the tinnitus. But what if it’s a matter of frequency?

All of life operates on frequency, not just radio stations and satellite dishes. Radio signals tend to operate better in a storm, for instance, than on a clear day because the signal has something to bounce off and return to your receiver. Whereas, on a clear day, the signal sometimes gets wrapped around another signal and you get interference or your station doesn’t come in clearly. Pressure from the atmosphere affects not only your radio signal but the ears which hear it. Have you ever felt the air pressure drop dramatically, giving you a ringing noise in your ears and felt like your ears were stopped up? Shaking your head or unrolling the window equalizes the pressure and you can hear again.

Temperature works much along those lines. We can see farther and hear more clearly in the biting cold than we can with humidity at an all time high on a hot day. What clogs up the air affects the receiver, your ears, making it easier to pick up the frequency on which sound moves on a cold day. When was the last time you “listened” to snow falling? It’s the quietest sound you ever heard, isn’t it?

The difference between city life and country life has to be experienced to be understood. The sound of growing things such as gardens, trees and grass has a specific frequency. In a city, congestion blocks that frequency as in the example of urban sprawl, skyscrapers and sports arenas. The open spaces in the country conduct a more pleasant frequency than the rush and bustle of a city, with its attendant pollutions and air pressure.

If tinnitus can be caused by health problems and if these health problems move on a frequency of their own, then by raising your frequency you cancel out the problem. Blood pressure problems can be fixed with a diet and exercise regimen which is the beginning and continuation of good health. A thyroid problem is nothing more than a hormonal imbalance, as the thyroid regulates the hormonal system. Again, diet, with the addition of supplements for a time, and exercise can be useful. By engaging in healthy habits, you can raise your frequency to receive a higher degree of glowing health.

If the tinnitus is caused by noise, what is its conductor? The noise has to reach your ears, after all, and if its conductor is mechanical as in the case of high rotational machinery or the scream of an approaching airplane, then the removal of the conductor is in order. There are available hearing aids as well as aids that block the noise and replace it with a lower frequency sound, like soothing music or the sounds of waterfalls, rustling trees, rain, or other soothing noises. As these noises abound in cities, removing yourself to an urban area or to the country would be helpful.

These are a few of the environmental factors that affect tinnitus. Please consult your doctor for a full diagnostic and his advice on treatment.

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