Has anyone tried Lipo-flavonoid for tinnitus treatment?

Question by antonedbone: Has anyone tried Lipo-flavonoid for tinnitus treatment?

I have been suffering from tinnitus for the past few months, don’t know why it started or how, I just know it sucks! I also have panic disorder now, and it is worse because of the tinnitus. I have heard of this new over the counter Lipo-Flavonoid and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with it. Thanx in advance!

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Answer by Dawn M
I have heard Lipo-flavonoid works.

There are physical things that can cause this problem. If you haven’t already done so you may want to consider checking:
1. Thyroid problems. Get checked by an endocrinologist.
2. Hearing loss. Go to an ENT and get a hearing test.

I had tinnitus for about a year and then had my ears checked and they were fine. Then I had my thyroid checked and found out I was “out of whack”. I started thyroid hormone treatment and the tinnitus went away within a couple months.

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