Cures for Infected Ear Lobes

When You Have Infections From Earrings, How Do You Cure Them?

Curing earlobe infections from earrings is generally a matter of common sense steps in prevention and aftercare. When you get your ears pierced, the technician will explain the everyday steps for care and cleaning of your earrings. What they don’t tell you are several of the components of earrings and their effect on your ears, nor do they explain the consequences of putting holes into your body.

Keeping your skin clean and well moisturized through the ingestion of water and juices, moisturizing lotions and simple soap and water are things we do every day without thinking about it. These things keep our skin moisturized as well as keeping the internal organs moisturized through drinking water and juices, a necessary thing for survival. Keeping the pores clean of dirt and other clogging substances is just as necessary for we need air as well as water for survival. These are the basics.

Now add a hole to your body. When you get a piercing, you need to be twice as vigilant in keeping the area clean and moisturized because you’ve introduced something alien to the body that wasn’t there to begin with. Dirt and oils from hair, particles in the air when you run, sweat, and byproducts from shampoos are only a few of the things that can clog holes from piercings. The technician will explain to you the length of time before you can take out the earrings and clean them. By that time, all manner of clogging, dirty matter will need to be removed. Removal is the first step in treating an earlobe infection from earrings.

The next step will be to examine how you are cleaning your earlobe. The technician will give you a bottle of fluid and tell you to use a Qtip while the earring is still in the ear and to wash the ear when you have removed the earring. However, some have an allergy to cottons and cannot use Qtips. These people have to have earwax removed professionally or use eye droppers to clean their earrings and holes. Also useful in the prevention and aftercare of earlobe infections from earrings are small spray bottles that spray or squirt fluid into the infected area so that nothing but the fluid touches the area and further irritates it.

Sometimes the metal in the earring is responsible for infections in the earlobe. Some are allergic to the nickel heavily used to supplement the softness of silver. Others are allergic to gold plating. There are a few who cannot wear less than 24 karat gold. Platinum is a good alternative for many seeking jewelry that causes no problems. The only way to get around this eventuality is trial and error: test many types of metal to see what your body can tolerate and stick with it.

The fluid used by the technician who pierced your ears will usually perform well in the prevention and aftercare of infections to the earlobe. Usually this consists of simple rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Other treatments that can be used in the event of allergy to these fluids or irritation from their use include aloe vera. This comes in unguents and sprays. Be careful, however, when reading the ingredients that the aloe is pure and contains no alcohol. Antibiotic creams can also be used to treat an infection of the earlobe from earrings and sometimes they come in sprays as well. Simple water and time can also be used to treat an infection as well as nutritional supplements that build the immune system to fight infections. Now you can enjoy your new earrings.

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